Bateaux Phœnix


The long-awaited return of an exceptional boat

Comfort Surprise

This model is perfect for outings and regattas with friends. Set sail, anchor close to a beach and enjoy the sun !

Standard Surprise

The perfect model for achieving optimum performance from a boat that no longer has to prove itself.

A tale of passion

Designed in 1976 by Michel JOUBERT, this 7.65 m sailboat has stood out for its performance and quality.

Meticulous manufacturing

The manufacture of a light regatta boat like the Surprise requires great precision.

The manufacturing process is divided into 3 phases :

  • the hull
  • the deck
  • the decking

The procedure must be meticulously respected. To see photos of the different phases and more information, follow the link to the manufacturing page !

Any questions ?

For further information about the new Surprise ranges from Bateaux Phœnix, please contact Mr Didier BOUYGUES, owner of this fourth generation of Surprise, by following this link to our contact page !

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